Teams Control Features

Team Templates

Teams Control is your new governance tool, enabling your company to manage the growth and creation of new teams. Users will need to fill out an application to create a new team, preventing uncontrolled growth and unnecessary teams. You can easily create custom templates with different policies and setting up automated approval for different types of users.

Approval Configuration

Choose between three options. Create Team without approval, require all approval, and require only approval from one of the users with approval rights. When you choose “require all approval” you can display the users you want to give approval rights. Then all these users are notified when someone request a new team with this template. All the approvers need to approve the request before the team is created. The last option lets you display the users you want to give approval rights, now there is just one of these users with approval rights who must approve the request, for the team to be created.

General Configuration

Under general configuration you have name, description, owners, and members. Choose the templates name then describe what type of team template it is and what it is meant to be used for. Give a good name and description, makes it easier for users to find the correct template when they wish to create a new team. You can predefine owners and users to the template, making it easier to set up teams with the correct structure and members from start.

Collaboration Type Configuration

Here you will manage the settings for members, guests, messages, and “fun” settings. You can choose to check or leave the options unchecked. Member settings let choose to check or uncheck for following settings: members are authorized to create and edit channels, delete channels, add or delete apps, create and delete tabs, create and edit connectors. Guest settings let you choose if the guest should be able to create or update channels and if they can delete channels. Messaging settings gives you the options to let users edit own messages, delete own messages, team mentions, and channel mentions. This is meant to reduce noise in larger teams. Fun settings give you the options to allow Giphy, stickers, memes and custom memes.


The users are given an overview of all the different teams and office 365 groups they are a part of, making it convenient for them to find what they are looking for. The overview shows you Teams description, owners, number of members, guests, and the date for the last activity. This is also where you can create a new request for a new team to be made.

Onboarding & offboarding

On and offboarding can be time consuming and critical regarding privacy. Teams Control let you add and remove one or multiple users to multiple teams at same time. This makes it a lot faster to onboard new users, just the same way it makes it faster to remove users who should not have access to different types of teams during their offboarding.

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