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Teams Management

With Teams Control you can easily create and manage all your Teams. Teams Control is an app you can add directly from Teams Apps.

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Teams Overview

The users have an overview of all Teams, SharePoint sites and Office 365 groups they are part of. Then it is easy to find what they are looking for. The overview shows Teams description, owners, number of members, guests, and last activity date.

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Teams Requests and Approvals

In Teams overview you also have access to all your requested Teams with current filter functions as Awaiting approval, Rejected and Completed. You also have an overview of Teams awaiting your approval, if you are approver of Teams requested.

Teams Templates

Teams Control is your new governance tool, enabling your company to manage the creation and development of new Teams. You can easily create custom templates with different policies and set up automated approval to current types of users. All template configurations can be saved and re-used in new templates.

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Teams Approval Automation

Keep your company’s Teams structured, secured, and compliant. With the automated approval you are able to prevent your Microsoft Teams collection from containing duplicates and unnecessary Teams. The automated approval also secures your Teams, only approved users get access to confidential Teams.

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